Why I like Moorland Dedito boots..

dedito-moorlandI discovered Moorland style Dedito boots while at the Game Fair in Scone. I hate wearing wellies as my back always aches by the end of the day and I needed a new pair of hardworking comfortable, waterproof boots.

I had heard very good things about this brand from many gundog folk, so I decided to find out more about them. I talked to Dario Martina, who works closely with a boot manufacturer in Italy, to produce these boots specifically for the needs of the UK market.

First impressions were the boots looked heavy and a bit clumpy but no – they weren’t. They fitted like a glove from the first moment I tried them on – and are still. I virtually live in them here on the farm and when training and trialling. I especially love the fact that they are easy to clean, provide support while keeping your feet toasty – thoroughly tested recently in the snow and ice conditions experienced here.

While certainly not the cheapest boots on the market, for me they are proving to be the best and still look as good as the day I bought them. One of my best ‘investments’! Want to know more?

Here’s a photo of an event that Dario organised and CSJ sponsored.


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