As we looked out of the window at the rain last week, we knew that soon it would be back to baking temps and major UV damage…


Have you got your UVA protection oil?

Check now, because it’s easy to run out of UVA protection oil. Maybe you used it all the last time it got hot.

What’s the latest news on sunblock/SPFs being dangerous? 

Recent action by the FDA  (Food and Drug Administration in the United States) in 2019 has banned many chemical ingredients found in SPF products. Evidence is linking these ingredients to harmful effects on the body. Now is the time to consider natural, safer alternatives.



After all, sunburn is not all the only risk that can happen in summer…

Insects are having a field day biting this year. I  heard recently that someone’s holiday was ruined by insect bites, yet you don’t need to suffer. Healing oil prevents the insects from biting in the first place and repairs / stops itching if they start. It’s the first thing to reach for if you or your family suffer cuts or infection on your skin. Find out more

Why is UVA so damaging?

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Stay safe.