Stop scratching!

When your dogs have an itch, sometimes you don’t know whether it’s a bug bite, a plant sting or what it is. But if you leave it ‘untreated’, the skin can get sore, as your dog keeps scratching the same area.

That’s why I like to use Skinny Cream on myself as well as my dogs!

It’s just such a brilliant healing cream and while I love the coconut smell, it’s definitely true that insects don’t like it. I always use it on my sheep if they ever have an open sore or wound as it keeps the flies and insects away and it is perfect when inserting the sheep ear tags too!  This is important as apart from any infection getting into the wound, the flies irritate the sheep so they tend to bite at any ‘accessible’ sore and make it worse by keeping it ‘open’. 

Skinny Spray help to keeps off any insects such as ticks

It’s ideal when I’m out walking my dogs in tick prone areas. 100% natural, it’s an effective, natural spray for dogs and horses too. It’s just perfect as a ‘back up’ if your dog has no ‘protection’ against ticks (our Billy No Mates! herb mix has been trusted by dog owners for over 15 years and can be used throughout the year – just add it to your dog’s dinner). Before you go out for a walk, simply apply a light spray to your dog’s belly and legs – while not forgetting to ‘protect’ your own legs too. It also works on my dogs’ bedding & sleeping areas. No nasty chemicals and we can say goodbye to the bugs.

Skinny Dip Shampoo gives a shiny coat with no itching

Skinny Dip Shampoo not only smells gorgeous, with its natural oils, it works brilliantly as a gentle, effective, natural shampoo that smells great and leaves a lovely shiny coat. At the same time, I can see it improves my dogs’ skin condition, freshness and general comfort. SLS and parabens free. No more itching and no nasty chemicals either. Happy daze.

If you’re interested in CSJ Skinny range, check out our website here