Stop scratching!

When your dogs have an itch, sometimes you don’t know whether it’s a bug bite, a plant sting or what it is. But if you leave it ‘untreated’, the skin can get sore, as your dog keeps scratching the same area.

That’s why I like to use Skinny Cream on myself as well as my dogs!

It’s just such a brilliant healing cream and while I love the coconut smell, it’s definitely true that insects don’t like it. I always use it on my sheep if they ever have an open sore or wound as it keeps the flies and insects away and it is perfect when inserting the sheep ear tags too!  This is important as apart from any infection getting into the wound, the flies irritate the sheep so they tend to bite at any ‘accessible’ sore and make it worse by keeping it ‘open’. 

Skinny Spray help to keeps off any insects such as ticks

It’s ideal when I’m out walking my dogs in tick prone areas. 100% natural, it’s an effective, natural spray for dogs and horses too. It’s just perfect as a ‘back up’ if your dog has no ‘protection’ against ticks (our Billy No Mates! herb mix has been trusted by dog owners for over 15 years and can be used throughout the year – just add it to your dog’s dinner). Before you go out for a walk, simply apply a light spray to your dog’s belly and legs – while not forgetting to ‘protect’ your own legs too. It also works on my dogs’ bedding & sleeping areas. No nasty chemicals and we can say goodbye to the bugs.

Skinny Dip Shampoo gives a shiny coat with no itching

Skinny Dip Shampoo not only smells gorgeous, with its natural oils, it works brilliantly as a gentle, effective, natural shampoo that smells great and leaves a lovely shiny coat. At the same time, I can see it improves my dogs’ skin condition, freshness and general comfort. SLS and parabens free. No more itching and no nasty chemicals either. Happy daze.

If you’re interested in CSJ Skinny range, check out our website here


Summer survival – the sun and mosquitos are on their way

When you spend a lot of time outdoors, like I do – out on the hills with the dogs and the sheep in all weathers, it’s important to look after your skin. The thought of some summer sunshine is a welcome respite after the winter we’ve had. However sunburn and a rise in the number of mosquitos are the downsides of the hot summer of ’21 that we’re told is on its way.

I really like Natural Elements – natural and effective, these creams and oils work well, go on easily, won’t do you any harm and they’re reasonably priced. I mainly use these to ward off midges, flies and horse flies throughout the summer months.

Here are some of the summer products that I like… and remember you get 5% off just by using the code CSJ when you’re buying on the Natural Elements website.

With the summer forecast looking sizzling hot. Yes, it’s coming soon, health experts have warned that the UK will see an increase in bugs such as mosquitos carrying potentially lethal diseases include Zika virus and Dengue fever. Natural Elements are here to help with our summer tool kits of products that will keep you safe in the sun, act as natural repellents and also help soothe any irritated bitten skin!

Mosquitos like to bite at night too

Now one of the times that people get bitten is at night, in bed, so use the oil or cream to keep them well away.  A positive side effect to this is if you have animals that sleep on your bed, having these oils on you stops the bed getting infected with bugs from them…  

Natural Effective Products
Stay safe in the sun with powerfully antioxidant Body Oil 
Synergistic Body Oil
You can use the synergistic oil on the face. If you want something lighter then use the Hydrating Facial Oil which will provide a high level of antioxidant protection. If you can’t be parted from your sunscreen, then applying it after the oils will help minimise damage.
Active Rescue Cream is designed to soothe skin from everyday ailments, rashes and irritations, ideal for bites or other irritations. Lavender, Tea Tree & Patchouli essential oils are all known for their anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and insect repellent properties. This cream is also ideal for post vaccine skin reactions.

Active Rescue Oil  is Loaded with insect repelling Lavender, Tea Tree and Patchouli Oils can be used as a gentle but effective repellent for long summer nights. As well as preventing bites and other irritations, this oil also has healing, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. A must have for your summer first aid kit.

FOR THE FACE –  An ideal facial insect repellent has to be Balancing Facial Oil, rich in Tea Tree, Grapefruit and Lavender will also calm and balancing the skin reducing breakouts and irritations. 

The perfect summer shower shower gel which balances refreshing and insect repelling vital plant oils is Invigorating Shower Gel. An enlivening mix of Peppermint, Tree Tree and Cucumber. 


Summer Skin & the problems which come along…

I find that summer always brings its own set of skin issues – for humans as well as animals. At CSJ, we find our Skinny range is very popular and kind to dogs’ skin, as well as Billy No Mates! which fleas, bugs, ticks and mites absolutely hate. Find out more

However, when I’m working outside in the hot weather, I sometimes find a whole new range of skin conditions to deal with – here are some suggestions from expert dermatologist John Hamilton from Natural Elements’ award winning products that I hope you find helpful.

Recently, John and Karen have been getting feedback and questions about pigmentation and how the Natural Elements Recovery Oil is helping to fade it. Read on to find out more.
Hope you have a great summer! 

 Recovery Oil for Dry and Mature skin is reducing their pigmentation
John and Karen are hearing from customers that this oil is one of the most potent mixes of natural antioxidants. It’s working to fade age spots, pigmentation and melasma – all without causing damage through deep exfoliation and laser treatments. Find out more

What is Pigmentation and how do you treat it? 
Co-Founder John answers all your questions about Pigmentation on the latest Natural Elements blog post. See blog post about pigmentation
Keep your cool with refreshing, healing summer products
Here’s a section of products to help refresh and soothe this summer. See Natural Elements products 
Why people need to rethink the use of toxic sunscreens

With the latest research from the US FDA showing toxic chemicals from conventional sunscreens accumulate in the body at dangerously high levels, we discuss why we need to re-think our use of chemical sunscreens, here’s what John and Karen think… 

Any questions – please reach out to John and Karen at Natural Elements:

John & Karen Hamilton, Founders of Natural Elements Skincare
phone: 01299 253994 

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Latest news: Did you know that vitamin D deficiency can raise COVID-19 ICU risk 20 times?

This important announcement has been made recently: Vitamin D deficiency is shown to raise COVID-19 ICU risk 20 times and urgent trials are underway. See what skin specialist John Hamilton from Essentially Yours has to say about it.


Did you know that letting the sun be on your face and hands for just 15mins is all you need to get the best Vitamin D that your body can fully absorb? We’re working with Birmingham University to show that with our oil on the skin, Vitamin D is more quickly absorbed. Read more about the Covid-19 and Vitamin D news 

If you’re spending less time outside, you may not be getting enough sunshine on your skin, Vitamin D deficiency is a real issue for us in the UK,  especially if you use an SPF which completely stops you absorbing this most important of vitamins. You can read more about this and why we need to re-think our use of SPFs  in the Essentially Yours blog about Sun Protection

Next week is forecast to get some nice weather, so get the oils on and get in the sun…

Some frequently asked questions for John Hamilton

Q1. Does using the oil get me a nice tan…
A1. YES absolutely

Q2. Do I need to use a SPF?
A2. No, if you’re careful, the main source of ageing and skin cancer is UVA which bypasses many SPF’s anyway but is neutralised with powerful antioxidant oils as we have. Be careful not to be in direct sunlight for long periods of time otherwise, you will get a surface to burn from UVB, but you need a little UVB for vitamin D

Q3. Does wearing a hat, clothes or being under an umbrella protect me..?
A.3 NO. Wearing a hat or in shade only stop UVB i.e. surface burn not UVA damage so put the oils on even in the shade 

If you have any other questions about the sun and skincare, please email

Find out more about Essentially Yours sun oils

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Plant extracts and oils helps boost your body’s’ ability to stay safe

I’ve received an interested message from John Hamilton, Managing Director at Essentially Yours. John Hamilton is a dermatologist, who pioneers botanical research into maintenance of a healthy youthful life…

“Well, we’ve managed to stay open during this difficult time to send out your orders. No matter what the ‘anti-natural products’ brigade say, Essentially Yours products do benefit health…

Screenshot 2020-04-21 at 08.04.09

I’ve had one official say ‘the links I put to scientific papers on how essential oils impacted on viruses were not valid’ because… wait for it.. ‘the report was on another strain of coronavirus, not the current one…’ Really!!

It seems no matter what goes on in the natural naturopathic world eg: cure things or prevent things, it’s always shot down by officialdom. So what do you do when you’re surrounded by virologist, cell decay research scientists and biochemists, who all say “we need to turn to natural formulations to solve the future health problems” who do we believe as the expert ?

So what are we talking about?

Screenshot 2020-04-21 at 08.04.01

Well, one of the things is ‘why some people are more susceptible to things like viruses, besides underlying health issues and being older’. Most people pay little attention to what effects the immune system has or know anything about what wears your DNA telomere or mitochondria cells out.

The main reason we are more vulnerable to ageing ailments and illness, once we are exposed, is that our bodies are not able to cope with a pandemic attack, the likes of which we are seeing.

Free Radical damage weakens your immune system

The greatest problem is Free Radical damage which destroys our cells, up to 80%. Free Radical Damage is the main reason why you age and the main cause of cell decay, but it’s also responsible for you having a weaker immune system.
When you use products full of synthetic chemicals like shower gels, shampoos, skincare and deodorants you speed up this process and in turn damage and weaken your immune system.

Therapeutic plant extracts and oils helps boost your body’s’ ability to stay safe


When you use natural products without synthetic chemicals you’re not damaging the cells. Using therapeutic unadulterated plant extracts and oils helps boost the body’s ability to stay safe… In plants, vegetables and fruit etc. good things are contained in the oils within them, these natural oils provide vitamins and health benefiting compounds, which in turn neutralise free radical damage providing greater resistance to pathogens when they come along.

That’s why we say “apply our oils to the face and body” because all that is good for you is in there. So if you don’t want to absorb all the bad chemicals, try replacing them with the good ones.

Here’s hoping we can get the funding needed in the near future to prove this, as these wonderful benefits are in our products.

Latest from WDDTY (What Doctors Don’t Tell You)….

I also want to bring you things that being said in the science world this arrive in my in box today from WDDTY (What Doctors Don’t Tell You). Antimalarial drugs have been touted as an answer to COVID-19 infection, and President Trump has even described them as ‘a game-changer’—but they can cause life-threatening heart problems.

A new study into chloroquine was stopped suddenly after two patients died from an irregular heart rate, known as ventricular tachycardia. Researchers from Brazil had planned on a major trial involving 440 people infected with COVID-19, but started to see very worrying reactions to high doses of the drug among the first 81 patients who were being tested.

Within a few days of starting, many given the high doses—600 mg twice a day for 10 days— started suffering heart rhythm problems, and two died. Writing in a research database, the researchers warn that chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, another antimalarial, are not safe or effective therapies against COVID-19. A COVID-19 patient in a hospital in France also died after developing irregular heart rhythms.

Aside from heart problems, the anti-malarials also cause a host of other life-threatening reactions, warn researchers at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto. These include hypoglycaemia, a sudden drop in blood sugar, confusion, hallucinations and paranoia.

There’s very little evidence that suggests the drugs can treat COVID-19 infection

In fact, the antimalarials may even make symptoms more severe, despite ‘optimism, and even enthusiasm’ that they are the solution, says Dr David Juurlink.” And they have the cheek to criticise natural oils last time I looked –  nobody dies from them.”

John Hamilton

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Why the sunshine could be just what’s needed to help fight the Coronavirus…

a5b6bfa9-0e8c-4548-a953-deba3d908a50This sunshine we’re experiencing could make a huge difference to your health and fighting the coronavirus. Many parts of the UK are having sunshine now, so the advice from Natural Elements is – get out there and absorb the sun. 


Well the coronavirus hates the sun… it kills it as does fresh air. Did you know that during the great flu epidemic of 1918, that the soldiers with flu, who were temporarily housed in tents in fields all recovered, but out of those in the hospitals, nearly half died.

So what does the sun do.?

Well, just 20mins on bare skin produces the most important vitamin of all… vitamin D. NO SUNBLOCK. NO SPF why? Read more

if you are using our oils then they will protect you and indeed even hold onto and lock in the vitamin D which needs to be on you for a minimum of 20mins.


We have stocks of the anti-viral hand wash and anti-virus shower gels but they are getting low and when they are gone, that’s it.

Getting replacement packaging for our recycled and recyclable again bottles which come from Italy could be a big problem. Please don’t stockpile but be aware if you’re halfway down, we may have run out by the time you need to order.

Why does washing with antiviral shower gels matter?

When you are in the enclosed space of the shower the molecules of the anti-viral shower gels basically get absorbed and go up your nose, from there they travel into the lungs etc and because they are therapeutic grade ie, not aroma oils they are able to penetrate virus shell and make it explode.

So my recommendation and what I’m doing is showering morning and at night .. a double whammy of the anti-viral shower gels as well as the oils on the skin, which act on you all day, as a bodyguard.

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3 things you can do to protect you from coronavirus…

This is a useful article to read to discover what to do to prevent Coronavirus and what’s a waste of time. Find out which hand washes work and which don’t. The high alcohol content gels and soaps can lead to excessive dryness and skin cracking, which can let virueses in… Read on.

1. Keep yourself healthy

Boosting your immune system by keeping yourself is the best way to avoid catching this virus.

Eating healthily and not using synthetic chemical skin products are two of the best ways to do this. Did you know that the many unhealthy chemicals are in shower gels… shampoos… lotions… creams? Even sunblocks put stress on your immune system. If there’s any sunshine get out in it and top up your vital Vitamin D levels.


2. Essential oils can and do penetrate the shell of viruses (like alcohol)

For essential oils to work against viruses, they need to on or around the cells they are trying to protect, critically, they need to be a therapeutic unadulterated version and not simply aroma oils.

Our products are full of therapeutic grade essential oils them but we don’t use harsh synthetic chemicals which avoids putting your immune system under pressure, instead, our product actually strengthen the immune system!

To read more about how essential oils affect viruses,  read this article in Science Direct


3. East more plants! Boost your immune system and benefit your health with extra vitamins. All our body and face oils have been shown by a university testing centre to have a huge amount of concentrated plant vitamins and benefits for health. As an extra boost, get on the cider vinegar shots check out our ‘well-being’ range.


So what are you wasting your time with?

1. Essential oil burners or vaporisers: any benefits of the essential oil are lost in the air, plus many vaporising oils are merely aroma oils and have no therapeutic benefit at all!

2. Hand sanitisers: Professor John Oxford, a Virologist at Queen Mary’s School of Medicine says he always uses our type of Luxury Handwash after discovering studies on the dangers of using ‘medically prescribed hand sanitisers and gels. Scientists have warned that using high alcohol content gels and soaps can lead to excessive dryness and skin cracking because of the high levels of petrochemicals in them. This cracking can leave the body vulnerable to viruses entering through the cracked skin. Many anti-virus sanitisers are useless they are anti-bacterial compounds and are therefore powerless against viruses such as cornavirus.

‘Flu cases double in a week and are 10 times higher than last year as winter crisis hits’ says NHS… How can you avoid it ?


I recently read this message from Essentially Yours, that makes a lot of sense. There seem to have been even more bugs than ever flying around this year.

Essential oils not only kill the virulent flu virus but also the dreaded tummy one. So if you can shower and cover your skin with the Essentially Yours face & body oils you will help your body protect you. Essentially Yours Body Wash

This innovative all-in-one range contains botanical ingredients, which combine with essential oils to have huge health benefits. They destroy the viruses that attack our immune system. No booster perfumes – all completely natural. These face and body oils provide a stimulating health experience, which has been scientifically proven to provide great hair and skin benefits. Essentially Yours Face and Body Oils

It’s  also well known that germs rapidly multiply on hands and normal soap and hand washes are just not effective enough.

This luxury hand wash with its antiviral properties will stop  germs spreading. Essentially Yours Handwash

Find out more about Essentially Yours health and skincare

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