Stop scratching!

When your dogs have an itch, sometimes you don’t know whether it’s a bug bite, a plant sting or what it is. But if you leave it ‘untreated’, the skin can get sore, as your dog keeps scratching the same area.

That’s why I like to use Skinny Cream on myself as well as my dogs!

It’s just such a brilliant healing cream and while I love the coconut smell, it’s definitely true that insects don’t like it. I always use it on my sheep if they ever have an open sore or wound as it keeps the flies and insects away and it is perfect when inserting the sheep ear tags too!  This is important as apart from any infection getting into the wound, the flies irritate the sheep so they tend to bite at any ‘accessible’ sore and make it worse by keeping it ‘open’. 

Skinny Spray help to keeps off any insects such as ticks

It’s ideal when I’m out walking my dogs in tick prone areas. 100% natural, it’s an effective, natural spray for dogs and horses too. It’s just perfect as a ‘back up’ if your dog has no ‘protection’ against ticks (our Billy No Mates! herb mix has been trusted by dog owners for over 15 years and can be used throughout the year – just add it to your dog’s dinner). Before you go out for a walk, simply apply a light spray to your dog’s belly and legs – while not forgetting to ‘protect’ your own legs too. It also works on my dogs’ bedding & sleeping areas. No nasty chemicals and we can say goodbye to the bugs.

Skinny Dip Shampoo gives a shiny coat with no itching

Skinny Dip Shampoo not only smells gorgeous, with its natural oils, it works brilliantly as a gentle, effective, natural shampoo that smells great and leaves a lovely shiny coat. At the same time, I can see it improves my dogs’ skin condition, freshness and general comfort. SLS and parabens free. No more itching and no nasty chemicals either. Happy daze.

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Latest news: Did you know that vitamin D deficiency can raise COVID-19 ICU risk 20 times?

This important announcement has been made recently: Vitamin D deficiency is shown to raise COVID-19 ICU risk 20 times and urgent trials are underway. See what skin specialist John Hamilton from Essentially Yours has to say about it.


Did you know that letting the sun be on your face and hands for just 15mins is all you need to get the best Vitamin D that your body can fully absorb? We’re working with Birmingham University to show that with our oil on the skin, Vitamin D is more quickly absorbed. Read more about the Covid-19 and Vitamin D news 

If you’re spending less time outside, you may not be getting enough sunshine on your skin, Vitamin D deficiency is a real issue for us in the UK,  especially if you use an SPF which completely stops you absorbing this most important of vitamins. You can read more about this and why we need to re-think our use of SPFs  in the Essentially Yours blog about Sun Protection

Next week is forecast to get some nice weather, so get the oils on and get in the sun…

Some frequently asked questions for John Hamilton

Q1. Does using the oil get me a nice tan…
A1. YES absolutely

Q2. Do I need to use a SPF?
A2. No, if you’re careful, the main source of ageing and skin cancer is UVA which bypasses many SPF’s anyway but is neutralised with powerful antioxidant oils as we have. Be careful not to be in direct sunlight for long periods of time otherwise, you will get a surface to burn from UVB, but you need a little UVB for vitamin D

Q3. Does wearing a hat, clothes or being under an umbrella protect me..?
A.3 NO. Wearing a hat or in shade only stop UVB i.e. surface burn not UVA damage so put the oils on even in the shade 

If you have any other questions about the sun and skincare, please email

Find out more about Essentially Yours sun oils

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At CSJ, our ethos is:
  • Natural, very high quality products
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Essentially Yours:
  • Natural, very high quality products
  • No chemicals AT ALL
  • Achieves high performance/results
  • A UK owned company manufacturing products in Worcestershire to pharmaceutical standards
  • Innovative
  • Great value
  • Good customer service
  • Expert knowledge – John Hamilton is a Cosmetology Dermatologist & Anti-Ageing Biogerontologist – that means the study of the process of ageing. John is Founder of Essentially Yours Research & Development Institute for Natural Skincare, Creator of Natural Elements skincare & Therapeutics skincare for problem skin

Essentially Yours products also happen to have a lovely smell and don’t irritate around the eyes.

Look at this ingredients chart on the labels of brands that we all know.  The items in red are very harsh chemicals… Anti-perspirants are some of the worst offenders. See the chart

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