While we’re all thinking about our health, remember your skin…

close-up of women's hands with sunscreen

This message from John Hamilton resonated with me this week, when I was out with the dogs in the sunshine…

‘It’s easy to forget with all that’s going on around us of another health issue which affects millions… With so many people at home and in the garden, skin cancer could be the next nightmare…

Someone asked me today about mineral sunscreen, which jolted my thoughts away from the virus for a moment and made me think ‘OMG the sun’s out’ and we’re heading into summer.

How safe do you think mineral sunscreens are?…

So here’s my reply… ‘OK, I’m not sure what you mean by mineral UVA blocks because mineral to me means made from petroleum (carbon molecules) and is toxic to human cells, so why would you want to put them on your skin?

It’s no secret that antioxidants stop cell damage happening, that’s why it’s recommended that you eat fruit and vegetables, full of antioxidants in their oils. So, extracting these oils and applying them to the skin makes good scientific sense.

An experiment with olive oil and baby oil

I usually demonstrate the effects on the skin by presenting two bowls, one with mineral baby oil (zero antioxidants) and the other with extra virgin olive oil (antioxidants) and some nice bread to dip in them.

Naturally, people are happy to dip into the olive oil but not the baby oil for some reason !! When asked – why is that? They reply “Isn’t it a poison to the body”.  “Well yes”, I reply, “it is”, and they have a look on their face that says… “well I’m right then, not to dip bread in and eat it…” “Yes, you are I say, but then why are you covering your body in it, especially when 60% of it will go into your body, via your largest organ”. For me, this little exercise sums it up .. but that’s not all.

The main damage to new developing cells is caused by UVA rays

A hat or umbrella offers zero protection from UVA damage, as the light rays penetrate straight through them, even clothes, windows etc. It increases the ‘Free Radical’ chain reaction which in turn destroys and mutates the cells – one of the main causes of skin cancer.

If you want to know more, there’s a green science paper which I can send if you email me, which touches on something really important: the two chemicals it refers to, which increase Free Radicals – are found in 99% of sunscreen and yes,  you guessed it, they are carbon molecules.

So what do we recommend, well, visit our website to read this article

Or see below for the oils we recommend, if you’re out in the sun.’

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